Teun Grondman (1994) is an artist, writer, musician and student of the master Approaching Language at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. His work, which gravitates towards themes like memory and the intricacies of expression, is often of a playful and multidisciplanary nature. Recurring mediums are 3D animation, performance, music and writing.

Together with some other people he organises and presents De Mus, a weekly variety evening in the Torpedo Theater. He also works for literary magazine De Gids. Written work has appeared in Mister Motley, De Internet Gids and the Oerol Dagkrant.

Previously, he studied Advanced Technology at the University of Twente and Beeld & Taal at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. He lives in Heesterveld in the Bijlmer.

Photo by Falun Ellie Koos.

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