Teenage Dream

Performance/installation at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show 2019

Teenage Dream (her-herinnering / re-remembrance) tells the story of a child dealing with their own emerging sense of self – who eventually seeks it in the information that is created while living a life. The result of what happens when the I is a memory, is demonstrated.

Things shown and interacted with in the 12-minute performance:
  • a 51 centimeter long iron bar weighing 3380 grams;
  • the bed the performer slept in from age 5 to 20;
  • a 4-minute home video of the performer, age 16, lip-syncing to Michael Jackson's One Day in Your Life;
  • a poster of Gerrit Rietveld re-imagined as an 80's movie star;
  • a map of the solar system;
  • a cover of Katy Perry's 2010 chart-topping single Teenage Dream;
  • a 3D-rendering of the moon